Movement classes

Our movement classes were created to offer a space where people of all ages and walks of lives can come and learn more about their physical journey.


The classes are structured in a way which focuses and covers different subjects for example, balance, movement games, injury prevention, injury education and understanding, organic strength work etc....


Class serves as a tool to increase your awareness and understanding of your body. To help you heal and enjoy your physical freedom. 


To understand why certain injuries happened and educate you so that we can get a map of your journey and predict / prevent future injuries. It is done in playful way in a safe and supportive environment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  

Classes are : Monday  6. 30 pm at Tamarama SLSC

                  Thursday  5. 30 pm at 30 Alma st., Paddington

Duration : 90 min. 

35aud per class                                          and fill up the 

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