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About Us


Kudos Gym in Sydney was created to fill the void in teaching people of all ages and abilities.  

To serve people, there needs to be accountability so we started our own journey of truth, health, education and joy from the purity

of movement and energy that is dedicated to the practice. 

We have always known that we had point of difference and that we had to find way how to best deliver quality education and learning in safe nurturing environment.

We are experienced, creative, inquisitive and always keen to learn as much as teach quality information that assists people in healing process. We understand we are not for everyone. We don't do things the easy way yet we are focused on improvement and incremented results. 


The ancient greek philosopher Plato believed: " Human behaviour flows from 3 main sources : DESIRE, EMOTION, KNOWLEDGE!"

Positive change can only come through every one of us living according to our beliefs, sharing our passions and seeking for truth. 




I’ve been working in the industries of Martial Arts, health and fitness and movement for 30 years,


I have been trained under many teachers who have contributed to my growth both professionally and personally, including Pavel Tsatsouline who bought kettlebells to the fitness world. Ido Portal who brought the practice of being a generalist mover to 

the world.


I use an integrated approach to my bodywork practice including myofascial cupping, gua sha, myotherapy, physical assessment.


I bring a lifetime of education and experience to my personal training practice

and I customise each clients program to their 

Individual needs and goals. I work with a broad range of people on a one to one basis as well 

as holding workshops for groups and professionals.

I offer professional training in kettlebells, movement, corrective exercise to the public and exercise and health professionals.


I am a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and am passionate about teaching the three pillars the method; breath work, cold exposure, commitment.

I am excited to share my knowledge of this practice with my clients and witness their transformation into happier, healthier and stronger people.


I started my journey of movement in martial arts at the age of 9. Experiencing different types of Martial Arts I fell in love with the discipline, physical demand and also mental development linked to the performance.I became a personal trainer and started to educate myself more in disciplines like kettlebells RKC and strength and conditioning with Monkey Bar gym.


For the last 5 years I have studied closely under Ido Portal Method which has completely shifted my view on physical development, demands and applications. 


The true passion behind the movement development and intelligence has always been teaching and studying. To pass on a knowledge and to see the transition and application of it is one of the most rewarding things to witness. 

5x Movement Camp Ido Portal participant 

1 year of mentorship study under Ido Portal

3x internships with Ido and Odelia

5 years of online study continues till current. 


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